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independence, security and well-being

S2 recognizes the social and economic impact the aging population will have on Alberta and its citizens in the next 15 years and some of the challenges faced by the continuing care sector. As the elderly populations grows, subsequently so does the need for adequate senior housing and health services.

S2 understands that the built environment can help maximize the control seniors have on their surroundings and reduce their sense of helplessness. Most elderly persons feel quite strongly about maintaining their independence and control over their own environment. Our facilities are not simply places to live, but places to thrive. We realize that now, more than ever, it is essential that design and planning for seniors are geared towards future needs and not simply providing sufficient solutions for current ones.

S2 is uniquely qualified to provide a full range of professional services necessitated by the evolving continuing care industry. S2 has completed over 30 senior housing projects in Western Canada, touching on all facets of the senior care continuum including supportive living and facility living.

Project List

2014 - Jacques Site Development, Silvera for Seniors, Kerby Centre, Calgary, Alberta
2014 - Silvera Elbow Valley, Silvera for Seniors, Calgary, Alberta
2013 - Bassano Continuing Care, Newell Foundation, Bassano, Alberta
2012 - Rocky View Lodge, Rocky View Foundation, Crossfield, Alberta
2004 - Rosehaven Care Facility, Alberta Health Services, Camrose, Alberta
2003 - Harbours of Newport, Apex Lifestyle Communities, Calgary, Alberta
1999 - Aspen Lodge, Silvera for Seniors, Calgary, Alberta
1999 - Spruce Lodge, Silvera for Seniors,Calgary, Alberta
1997 - Cochrane 800 Wing – SL 3 & 4, The Bethacy Care Society, Cochrane, Alberta
1997 - The Heatherwood, Centron Construction Ltd.,Calgary, Alberta

Concept Design:
Strathmore Long-Term Care, Alberta Health Services, Strathmore, Alberta

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