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City of Calgary/ Calgary Fire Department

Calgary, Alberta



Emergency Services

Prime Consultant, Architecture, Interior Design

17,000 sq ft  1,580 sq m

Project Description

The Douglas Glen fire station is based on the new City of Calgary and Calgary Fired Department deployment model which addresses reduced response time, quicker turnout time and fully electronic alerting and notification elocution. The LEED® Gold certified fire station is designed to fit within the City of Calgary’s emergency response network and to provide 100% capacity for community crisis management. The design team has been challenged to provide a complete standalone fire station not connected to City utilities or relying on other grid systems for its emergency needs.  A number of green technologies and LEED® were applied to this project including an energy efficient building envelope, high solar reflective roofing, stormwater utilization for irrigation, Xeriscaping, water efficient toilets, the use of environment-friendly materials, certified wood products, construction waste recycling, indoor air quality management, high efficiency heating and cooling system and indoor pollutant source control.