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Edge School

Calgary, Alberta




Prime Consultant, Architecture, Interior Design

170,000 sq ft  15,793 sq m

Project Description

In 2008, The Edge School for Athletes was moved into their new 15,793 sq m school and sports complex facility, which includes a Twin Ice facility, Dry Sport Fieldhouse, Support facilities and Alberta Education compliant educational facilities. The facility design embraces the integration of athletics and academics both in curriculum, but also in visual massing, materials selection and in functional connectivity. While the design of the facility promotes the seamless interrelationship of Mind, Body and Spirit, the predominant physical feature of the complex are the Twin Hockey Rinks and Fieldhouse. Additional considerations for the S2 design team were challenges in the project/construction budget. Innovative design solutions were called upon to make the project a reality. S2 conceived of utilizing three post-tensioned membrane structures for the Fieldhouse/Gym and Twin Ice Rinks. The concept to use both a tensioned membrane system in conjunction and integrated with conventional construction provided the answers needed to proceed on budget. This facility truly represents innovative thinking on the integration of recreational amenities with spaces that are not characteristic for a recreation facility, by successfully integrating an education program amenity with recreational amenities.