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Alberta Children's Hospital

Calgary, Alberta




Prime Consultant, Interior Design

3,912 sq ft 363 sq m

Project Description

KIDSIM is an innovative educational facility, supporting learning through a simulated environment. Located at the Alberta Children’s Hospital, KIDSIM headquarters is the first of ten sites that will span the globe. The facility allows students and professionals to practice elusive educational opportunities, on high tech manikins, in a risk-free environment. KIDSIM consists of four simulation rooms each featuring demountable headwalls, partitions and millwork; designed specifically for healthcare applications. Responding to IP&C guidelines; the consultant team provided an evidence based design solution that allows ACH to safely monitor patient risks to mold and air pollutants, detect pooling water at the source, and reducing onsite construction; thereby minimizing the risk of harm and infection to patients. In addition, 2 simulation rooms were constructed with additional mini headwalls and a retractable wall installed to maximize flexibility for mass trauma applications. The technology and AV further supports the vision for innovation.  The simulation rooms are equipped with microphones, cameras, and multiple televisions, installed with collaborative software, allowing learners from around the world to collaborate, and working safely as a collective.  The feature wall showcases both a conceptual graphic integral to the vision of the team and recessed tablets.  This hoteling station fosters the cycle of information transfer; obtaining and giving immediate feedback for performance and gathering information critical to the continued growth of the program.