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Truman Development Corporation

Calgary, Alberta

Withheld by Client

Concept Design


Prime Consultant, Architecture, Interior Design

Site 10-A 1.2 acres Site 10-B 1.45 acres

Project Description

Working together with Calgary developer and Master Builder, Truman Developments, S2 was tasked to develop a vibrant and sustainable neighbourhood-oriented design focusing on an offering of cutting-edge multi-residential unit typologies that embraced Noble University District’s Design Guidelines and planning principles. The design was to promote a broad and varied residential population by providing a mix of townhouses and stacked townhouse-style units within an overall mix inclusive of apartment-style units ranging from 580 sq ft to 1,800 sq ft. The overall site plan was thoughtfully designed to ensure that it strengthened the connection between people and a sense of place, with a focus on edges and circulation. The atypical building typology together with the internal public courtyards, ensured centrally located site wide pedestrian connections, blurring the lines between public and private. The design allows for the free flow of pedestrians through and around the buildings within safe, well-lit, landscaped pocket plazas and all resident and visitor parking is located below-grade ensuring that a vital and safe pedestrian environment is maintained. The architecture has a contemporary, timeless feel with accentuated facades and roofline to showcase the unique design features. A mix of high quality masonry, metal panel and maintenance-free monolithic wood panels provides a vibrant mix of materials and patina which carefully balances quality, longevity, warmth and style. Thoughtful consideration throughout the design focused on environmentally conscious design decisions which will result in a reduced building carbon footprint, reduced energy consumption and reduced building maintenance costs.