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Imagine More

About S2 Architecture

Established in 1993 by David Symons and Robert Spaetgens, our firm has grown into a dynamic team of six experienced principals dedicated to crafting inspiring, sustainable, and thoughtful architectural solutions that leave a lasting impact on communities.

Our offices span Western Canada, working in unison as a single entity with a shared mission to create stunning spaces and function seamlessly within their environment. The success of our award-winning projects is fueled by our relentless pursuit of collaboration, empowering our clients to realize their dreams and contribute to the well-being of the communities we touch.

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At the heart of S2 Architecture is our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and environmental stewardship. We believe great architecture can only be born from a diverse team that harnesses the power of varied perspectives, experiences, and ideas. Our inclusive approach fosters an environment where creativity thrives, and sustainability is at the forefront of every decision.

As we forge ahead, we remain steadfast in our mission to design spaces embodying character and function, reinforcing the unique identity of our communities. Join us on our journey and discover the transformative power of S2 Architecture.

Smarter Together

Our collaboration and teamwork with our clients, co-workers, principals, consultants, and suppliers are driven by more than a desire for coordination and efficiency. The way we work comes from a belief that shared ideas, collective knowledge, and cumulative experience benefit everything we do.

Our Values

At S2 Architecture, our people are the heart of our success. We’ve cultivated a culture focused on creativity, collaboration, and inclusivity across our three studios in Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver. Thoughtfully designed workspaces prioritize team well-being and productivity, with advanced communication technology ensuring a connected and cohesive team. S2 Architecture values continuous learning, environmental sustainability, and community involvement, striving to create a close-knit community of professionals. As we shape the future of architectural design, we remain committed to our values and welcome you to join us. 

Smarter Together

Collaboration and teamwork with our clients, co-workers, partners, consultants, and suppliers is driven by more than a desire for coordination and efficiency. We believe that shared ideas, collective knowledge, and cumulative experience benefits everything.

Stay Grounded

We believe that the people we work with, the environment and our communities are the wellsprings of our success—and that success can only be achieved when grounded in their well-being.

Nurture Your World

Sustainability comes from the relationship we have with the world around us. How we live, what we choose to create, and the resources we utilize should be guided by a sense of stewardship that cultivates a natural balance between us and the natural world.

Imagine More

Our ideas are the currency we use to move forward. By breaking conventions and exploring the unconventional, we create environments where everyone freely expresses new ideas, nurtures innovative concepts, and grows creatively.

We Walk Together

Diversity and inclusivity are more than the respect of differences, they have a tangible value that is sought out and integrated into who we are. Our diverse unity gives us strength, insight, and the perspective to do extraordinary things.

Relationships Matter

The relationships we have - people we interact with, communities we are part of, places we create, and the planet around us - are deeply connected to our well-being and success. Relationships that endure are the foundations on which we build everything.