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We believe our design process should result in clarity; accurately and consistently translating our client’s words about their aspirations into reality. The process involves concept massing, then concept sketches, computer renderings, and then reality.

St. Martins Church

Our Design Process

Our architects and designers produce many concept sketches and drawings, especially in the early design stages – guiding and explaining a project’s genesis, its development, its functionality, and ultimately the detail of how it is to be executed. The key feature of our process is simplicity. Our goal and measure of success is how effectively we can communicate the organizational, functional and formal aesthetic intent of our designs in a clear and concise manner so that higher-level concepts are accessible to our client and to all project stakeholders, including users of the building or facility.

We pride ourselves on our ability to foresee the design and present images, sketches and renderings that match the actual built work. We focus our sketches and renderings on accuracy, reality and buildability. They are our way of communicating our design to others. It is critical that our initial concepts are accurately reflected in our sketches and renderings so that what we envision is what our clients understand and want.

SM church 5

Anatomy of Design

These images show the design process for St. Martin’s Church in Calgary (currently in technical drawings). The hand sketches show the massing concepts and the development of the mass of the building into the form it currently takes, one of a large spire reaching towards the heavens allowing the light deep within. The hand sketches move the design from quick massing to concept idea of a design to the final “rendering”.

SM church 1
SM church 4
SM church 6
SM church 3
SM church 2