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Today, we learn about Jane Kratochvil, our Human Resources and Office Manager. Jane recently celebrated her twenty year anniversary with S2 – congratulations Jane!

What is your role with S2; how long have you been with the firm and what is your favourite part of your job?
I’m S2’s Human Resources and Office Manager and I recently celebrated my twentieth anniversary with the firm. I love the people that I work with, our culture, the opportunities for growth and professional development, and the support I receive from the Principals and my colleagues.

What have you learned about design/architecture from working at S2?
I am not involved in the design of a space – but I have learned that the design of a space has an impact on how you feel when you walk in – the lines, curves, fixtures, etc. I now look at a building / space differently and understand it from a different perspective.

What work are you most proud of thus far in your career?

I am proud of how S2 has become my second family, and how I have advanced in my career with S2 with the support of the partnership.

What or who inspires your work?
All the staff members inspire my work.

What is your favourite restaurant in Calgary?
Ten Foot Henry.

When I’m not working I’m…
…spending quality time with friends and family, spending time with my dog, and hiking,

What do you like best about working at S2?
People that I work with, the challenges that need creative solutions, and the S2 culture.