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Today, we hear from Jason Curtis, a long-time S2 Architect and Associate Principal, who works out of our Calgary studio.

What do you like most about design and architecture?
I enjoy being involved in a creative discipline and being part of the enthusiasm and passion that surrounds architecture and design. Getting to know new clients and working with existing clients is enormously rewarding. Perhaps the best part for me is working closely with clients to really understand their needs, getting to know the uniqueness of each site and working with the community, the City and other stakeholders to develop and build architecture that stands the test of time and elevates the quality of the broader community and the lives of the people that use it.

How did you get into the field?
Ever since I was a small child I loved to use my imagination and make structures out of clay, cardboard boxes or Lego and filled sketchbooks with pencil drawings. At school I studied art and art history and after meeting a local architect I decided I wanted to study architecture and went to Liverpool and Bath Universities in the UK to make it happen.

What work are you most proud of thus far in your career?
I tend to be most proud of projects that tell a story or solve a design problem in a unique or creative way and have several examples in the UK and here in Canada. Perhaps the best recent example of a project that I am proud of was for a Church that I designed for St. Martins on 17th Avenue (in Calgary) that re-interpreted the concept of the steeple to provide not only an incredible volume but also provides passive cooling and ventilation for the congregation.

What or who inspires your work?
There is so much inspiration from around the world but I have always been inspired by the work of architects such as Alviro Siza, Peter Zumpthor, Renzo Piano, to name a few.

What is your favourite restaurant in Calgary?
I love the atmosphere and the space at Charbar in East Village and have great memories from there. I love the food at Mirchi, especially their goat curry but perhaps my most favourite restaurant, which sadly recently closed its doors, was an Ethiopian restaurant called Fassil on International Avenue.

When I’m not working I’m…
…either with my children, mountain biking (summer), cross-country skiing (winter) or, more often than not I’ll be practicing Yoga somewhere.

What do you like best about working at S2?
Apart from all the great people I’d say that S2 provides a lot of opportunity and also the flexibility to encourage individuals to focus on excelling in whichever areas of architecture and design they would like to pursue.

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