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This year, S2 Architecture celebrates 30 years of creating spaces that inspire and elevate human experiences. To commemorate the significant milestone, we worked with Wakefield Brewster to craft a special piece of work that combines our history, passion and approach.

Wakefield Brewster is a professional poet, spoken word artist, educator, producer, and dedicated literacy advocate with a career spanning over two decades. Since January 2000, he has garnered widespread recognition as one of Canada’s foremost Performance Poets.

Known for his magnetic stage presence, Wakefield has graced numerous venues across Canada and the United States, enchanting audiences through his multifaceted expression(s) of creativity. In recognition of his contributions to the literary world, Wakefield was appointed Calgary’s 6th Poet Laureate in 2022. As the city’s Poet Laureate, he is responsible for crafting written works that embody the essence of Calgary’s landscape, cityscape, and civic identity, while raising awareness about pertinent local issues.

Wakefield delivered a captivating performance at S2 Architecture’s 30th-anniversary event. Through his powerful delivery and thought-provoking verses, Wakefield added an electrifying energy to the celebration, igniting a renewed sense of purpose among those in attendance. 

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Wakefield for sharing his talent and dedicating time to enriching our event. His presence elevated the occasion and provided an unforgettable experience for everyone in attendance.

For those eager to relive the magic of the event, we invite you to read the transcript of Wakefield’s spoken word piece and watch the video recording of his performance. 


A Professional Poetic Interpretation for S2 Architecture

At the impetus of onset
Towards completion of the concept
We accumulate and acclimate
With word
With thought
With deed
The abstract to the actual
For fiction far from factual
A baby step
Not giant leap
For certainty
Not speed

Mesmerized by mental picture
Forged from framework down to fixture
Mindfulness may mould the mixture
Sustained and simplistic
Imbuing with intention
Every honourable mention
All embrace each new invention
When approach remains holistic

Inward seeking
Outward peeking
Fortunately finds
The discovery of others
So with likings of your minds
Co-curate and co-create
Combine consideration
Congregate cooperate
Commence collaboration

For said minds to make this meeting
Forego facts and fables
There’s no worry for the seating
When we set more tables
In the interests of inclusion
Earnestly incited
The simplest of solutions is
When everyone’s invited

Practice paired to planning
A pronounced priority
Barriers doth be damned
The ones you can
And cannot see
Championed by compassion
Cured with conscious cultivation
In every conversation

Evoking with emotions
Shall solidify sensations
All-inclusive architectural
Art of adaptations
Equality and equity
Augment reality
Insightfully inspire

Journey is the emphasis
Much more than destination
Paired with each expansion
Conscientious conservation
That ignites imagination
And redesign
Invoke some integration

Thirty gone means thirty coming
Changes notwithstanding
Enhance this world
With what’s unfurled
Through years of understanding
Conclusion of the grandest task
Though meekest at its start
The firmest of foundations
Is when
Building from the heart