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Climate and Sustainable Design

At S2 Architecture, we passionately embrace the harmonious blend of environmental considerations and innovative design. Our approach centers on sustainability, delivering projects that excel in functionality and aesthetic appeal. As design professionals, we recognize our duty to minimize environmental impact, emphasizing long-term sustainability, energy efficiency, and the use of eco-friendly materials and construction methods.

Our inclusive and collaborative design process engages the entire project team, nurturing a shared vision and unlocking the full potential of sustainable initiatives. With an integrated approach, we work cohesively to achieve project goals and create enduring, timeless spaces.

S2’s sustainable design is anchored in three core principles:

  • Occupant Health: Emphasizing natural light, indoor air quality, and individual control of environmental systems.
  • Conserving Energy and Resources: Enhancing energy efficiency and diminishing the building’s environmental impact.
  • Economic Enhancements: Elevating building economics through commissioning, life cycle analysis, and heightened occupant productivity.

We diligently optimize these principles, harmonizing budget, schedule, site layout, and functional design constraints from the project’s inception. Our solutions-focused methodology for sustainability (and/or LEED) project design champions responsible environmental stewardship, taking into account stakeholder needs, budget, functional requirements, and life cycle costs.

S2’s portfolio includes 17 LEED® Certified projects that have been certified by the CaGBC, 11 Gold and 5 Silver. There are an additional 7 projects registered and awaiting certification. We have 3 Net Zero Projects (Windermere Fire, Maplewood Fire, Hazelton Fire Feasibility), 2 Mass Timber (Maplewood Fire, Squamish Fire), 1 WELL Certified (Randy O’Dell House). Our firm has a total of 11 LEED Aps, 1 LEED Green Associate, and 1 WELL Certified Professional.

Our most recent projects highlight state-of-the-art sustainable elements such as solar energy production, geothermal heating and cooling systems, reduced GHG emissions, energy savings, eco-conscious site design, heat recovery systems, and EV charging stations.

At S2 Architecture, we are wholeheartedly committed to our role as environmental stewards, crafting spaces that foster well-being for both people and the planet. United, we will construct a more sustainable and inclusive future.