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Today, we learn about Gina Choi, Human Resource Analyst working out of our Calgary studio.

Through a series of questions tied to our core values, we explore Gina’s perspective on embracing unconventional thinking, the importance of diversity and collaboration, and the power of lasting relationships in her professional journey.

Imagine More

How do you embrace unconventional thinking in your work?

I embrace unconventional thinking by encouraging diverse perspectives and fostering a positive culture of innovation.

Share an instance where breaking conventions led to the emergence of innovative ideas and creative growth within your team or project.

I have found that simply asking “why” or “what if” and being open to a perspective that is outside of the traditional approach is often the catalyst for innovation, creativity, and growth within my teams.

We Walk Together

What does diversity mean to you in a professional setting? 

To me, diversity in a professional setting reflects the diverse society we serve โ€” a celebration of differences, a library of knowledge, and the unique formation of an inclusive culture where meaningful success in our professional endeavours is achieved together.

What does it mean to “walk together” with your S2 team?

Walking together embodies the collaborative ethos that defines our work culture at S2. It empowers our collaborative spirit and signifies a commitment to teamwork, unity, and mutual support in our professional endeavours.

Relationships Matter

What role do enduring relationships play in your professional journey? 

Enduring relationships are the cornerstone of my professional journey. These relationships have provided me with invaluable support, guidance, and mentorship throughout my career. Ultimately, by valuing and investing in these relationships, I’ve been able to grow personally and meaningfully contribute to the organization’s success.

Share a story of how a meaningful relationship โ€” be it with a colleague, community, or a place โ€” has shaped your success and well-being in your career.

My meaningful relationship with my colleagues proved invaluable in shaping my career trajectory. Their guidance and mentorship helped me navigate true success and develop key skills necessary for advancement. Constructive feedback pushed me to strive for excellence and continuously improve. I am also blessed to have someone to confide in during stressful times, providing much-needed emotional support and fostering a sense of belonging and resilience in my career. My colleagues created a sense of camaraderie and belonging that alleviated feelings of isolation and burnout, helping me maintain a healthy work-life balance. 

In essence, the meaningful relationships I cultivated with my colleagues not only shaped my career success but also contributed significantly to my overall well-being. They serve as a testament to the transformative power of genuine connections in fostering growth, resilience, and happiness in the workplace.