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Meet Vince Buendicho, a dynamic member of our team at S2 Architecture. Through a series of thoughtfully crafted questions, Vince shares his experiences and reflections, showcasing how he embodies our values of Imagining More, Walking Together, and Valuing Relationships.

Imagine More

How do you embrace unconventional thinking in your work?

My approach to design has always been to see constraints and problems as opportunities to practice unconventional thinking. This helps me think of multiple ways to approach challenges and allows me to be creative with how I solve problems. I don’t limit myself to a one-dimensional thought process; instead, I try to solve issues holistically.

Share an instance where breaking conventions led to the emergence of innovative ideas and creative growth within your team or project.

In design charettes, constantly asking “why” or “what if” not only allows for a collaborative experience but also enables the person presenting the opportunity to know the ins and outs of their design and to encourage multiple approaches that may not have been obvious to them.

We Walk Together

What does diversity mean to you in a professional setting?

Diversity is the cornerstone of a successful design environment. There is a quote by Mathew Frederick from his book ‘101 Things I Learned in Architecture School’ that resonates with me,

“An architect knows something about everything. An engineer knows everything about one thing.”

By tapping into the diverse opinions, design expertise, and collective knowledge within a team, we can create a more robust design approach. Diversity encourages meaningful conversations, promotes the sharing of new perspectives, leads to innovative designs, and fosters a collaborative environment.

Share an experience where the celebration of diverse perspectives and inclusivity within a team or project brought about exceptional outcomes or insights.

During my initial months at S2 and Vancouver, I realized that it is not possible for everyone to have a complete understanding of everything. As I had only worked primarily in Australia, I relied heavily on my team to fill in the gaps in my knowledge when it came to working here in Canada.

Relationships Matter

What role do enduring relationships play in your professional journey?

Building relationships and trust within a workplace is crucial for personal and professional growth. A strong sense of community allows everyone to succeed and perform their best, knowing they can rely on their team members if there are any shortcomings. The expertise of others can help fill gaps in knowledge and enhance the team’s overall knowledge. On a human level, we spend most of our time at work with the same people, so it’s essential to foster strong relationships to alleviate stress during difficult times. I wouldn’t have been as confident in my role without the help and support of my colleagues.