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S2's Range of Services

Our inclusive design philosophy focuses on accessibility, adaptability, functionality, and environmentally conscious practices, reinforced by our commitment to fully understanding our client’s needs. We strive to deliver added value and exceed expectations by tailoring architectural solutions to each project’s unique requirements. 

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S2 Architecture's holistic approach combines passion, sustainability, and expertise across various service sectors to create inspiring spaces that foster belonging. Our designs adhere to local planning policies and address community concerns while emphasizing accessibility, adaptability, and eco-friendly practices. Utilizing cutting-edge tools like virtual and augmented reality, our skilled team collaborates with clients to deliver tailored architectural solutions that provide added value, stand the test of time, and leave a lasting impression.

Interior Design


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S2 Architecture's interior design expertise is driven by a passion for creating enriching and uplifting environments. With an inclusive approach, our team crafts functional and captivating spaces that cater to diverse needs. Collaborating with architects and clients, we blend textures, colours, and materials to evoke emotions and inspire connections. By embracing the latest design trends and technology, we transform interiors into immersive environments that enhance well-being and leave a lasting impact.

Master Planning and Urban Design


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S2 Architecture excels in master planning and urban design, driven by a passion for creating thriving, sustainable communities that promote connectivity and a sense of belonging. Our confident approach blends visionary ideas with practical solutions, while our inclusive design philosophy prioritizes accessibility and adaptability. By collaborating with clients, contributors, and local authorities, we thoughtfully consider social, economic, and environmental factors to shape vibrant spaces. Join S2 Architecture in shaping tomorrow's sustainable, connected, and resilient urban environments.

Community Consultation


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S2 Architecture emphasizes the importance of meaningful community consultation to ensure project success. By confidently engaging with empathy, our inclusive process values diverse perspectives and integrates them into our designs. Our dedicated team collaborates with clients, contributors, and community members, using innovative techniques to foster an open dialogue and align with the community's vision. Committed to creating resonant spaces, S2 Architecture empowers communities to shape their surroundings and build a vibrant future through engagement and collaboration.

Climate and Sustainable Design


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S2 Architecture passionately unites environmental considerations with innovative design, delivering sustainable, functional, and aesthetically appealing projects. Our inclusive, collaborative process emphasizes occupant health, energy conservation, and economic enhancements. As environmental stewards, our team of LEED and WELL-accredited professionals create cutting-edge, eco-conscious spaces, featuring solar energy, geothermal systems, and reduced emissions. Together, we build a sustainable and inclusive future for people and the planet.

S2 Architecture by the Numbers

We’re architects, interior designers, and master planners with studios in Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver. For 30 years, our wide range of award-winning projects have been driven by collaborative solutions that inspire our clients and contribute to the wellbeing of the communities and environments we work in.

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