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Media Source: Kerby News

Kerby Centre, in partnership with Silvera for Seniors, completed the selection process of an architectural firm with the experience, skills and resources to provide Functional Programming and early-stage Conceptual Design services for each agency’s proposed new facilities at the Jacques Site.

Kerby is pleased to announce that S2 Architecture was selected among a number of strong candidates for this phase of work.S2 Architecture is an established firm with a 20-year history of design excellence. They are a full service architectural and interior design firm with studios in Calgary and Edmonton, engaged in inspired and innovative design and planning. Their work spans a broad range of building and project types and the foundation of their success is deeply rooted in the delivery of creative and innovative design solutions for their clients, their communities and the environment.

S2 Architecture’s approach is one of inclusion, respect and collaboration and they strive to create enduring architecture that provides a meaningful contribution to the built environment. Their team is comprised of talented, motivated individuals who bring energy and passion to their culture along with a collaborative spirit to their work. S2 aspires to cultivate a fun and engaging environment that fosters inspiration, innovation and teamwork.

This initial phase of work is scheduled to kick- off in mid-July and be complete in about seven months. The expected out- comes of this phase of work include:

  • An understanding of where Kerby will be located within the Jacques Site.
  • The size of the pro- posed new Centre.
  • A complete picture of future programs and services offered in the new home
  • The types of facilities and amenities required to house the programs and services.
  • An early-stage 3D conceptual design of the proposed new facility.

The process coordinated by S2 will also enable Kerby and Silvera to make informed decisions regarding the merits of co-developing a joint facility versus two independent facilities.

The Kerby Centre Relocation Project is expected to take at least five years. Kerby Centre’s staff and board are committed to ensuring that there will be no disruption in programs and services provided throughout the relocation process. The existing Kerby Centre will continue to serve the 55+ population of Calgary until a new home is built.

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