A Beacon of Heritage and Progress; Revitalizing Sport in Calgary

S2 Architecture teamed with a specially formed committee to partner at the Calgary Winter Club. The goal was to create a comprehensive road map for both short-term and long-term growth. The resulting initiative included a facility-wide Master Plan that covered the expansion and renovation of 310,000 square feet, as well as the addition of an underground parkade.

The Master Plan incorporated a variety of design options, such as the construction of a new tennis facility and underground parking, the establishment of an NHL-sized arena with a viewing area, the addition of a curling club lounge, a café bistro, an expanded pool with a splash park and water slides, as well as dedicated spaces for childminding. These strategic additions were designed to elevate the user experience while honouring the history of the Club. The initial phase, completed in 2020, focused on renovating and enhancing key areas, including the curling club lounge, ice sheet, café restaurant, childminding spaces, pool, splash park, and water slides.

Our interior concepts demanded a high degree of customization, especially in ceiling design. Through close collaboration with consulting engineers, we devised innovative solutions to mitigate difficulties posed by the site conditions. Our efforts resulted in the precise coordination of mechanical and lighting systems, gel diffusion sheets to create unique lighting dispersion in the curling lounge, and custom metal perforated ceiling panels that echoed the design concept while adhering to site requirements.

  • Client: Calgary Winter Club
  • Location: Calgary, AB
  • Services: Master Planning, Prime Consulting, Architecture, Interior Design
  • Sector: Sports & Recreation
  • Size: 28,800 sq m
  • Completion: 2020
  • S2 Team:
  • Brian Corkum
  • Jason Curtis
  • Natalie Weiss
  • Jason Dolha