An important infrastructure project within North Vancouver.

The upcoming Fire Headquarters, Training, and Operations Facility represents a significant consolidation effort that will bring together essential functions, including the Emergency Operations Center (EOC), Dispatch, Fire Response, Fire Rescue, Water Rescue, Fire Headquarters, and training services under a single roof.

This facility serves as a post-disaster hub, fortified with backup systems and emergency protocols designed to provide continual emergency services to the North Vancouver community. It exceeds both Federal and BC standards in terms of seismic preparedness, post-disaster response, energy efficiency, and greenhouse gas (GHG) performance. As a result, the facility strengthens response capabilities and streamlines operational efficiency.

The building is constructed with heavy timber and locally sourced stone, embracing LEED®, passive house, and passive solar design principles to meet specific energy objectives. It is also designated as a Net Zero Carbon building, benefiting from solar panels to power its lighting systems.

Within this facility, four double bays are complemented by support areas, a Fire Hall, administrative offices, and an internal Fire Training Center. The site also includes a 1.6-acre outdoor training yard designed with best practice in mind. This outdoor space features various purpose-built structures, including a training tower, facilities for fire behaviour training, a residential training prop, areas for auto extrication training, a collapsed trench for specialized exercises, a drafting pit for hose training, space dedicated to apparatus driver training, high-angle training resources, and evolution training setups.

  • Client: District of North Vancouver
  • Location: North Vancouver, BC
  • Services: Prime Consulting, Architecture, Interior Design
  • Sector: Emergency Services
  • Size: 4,438 sm
  • Completion: 2024
  • Sustainable Certifications:
  • Net Zero
  • LEED Registered
  • S2 Team:
  • Linus Murphy
  • Nicole Guenette