Delivering Essential Community Services Through a Unified, Eco-friendly Design

The Royal Vista Fire Station is an innovative 2,200 sq m complex commissioned by the City of Calgary, bringing together Fire Services (Station No. 34), Animal Bylaw Services, Emergency Medical Services, Police Services, and public community space under one roof. Achieving LEED Gold certification, the building has implemented sustainable features such as a rain garden, solar panels, a green roof, and an advanced water management system to minimize its environmental impact.

The main focus of the design philosophy is to provide shared services, evident in various aspects, including a fitness center, restrooms, outdoor community space, connectivity/meeting rooms, and building services. The design adheres to prairie-style guidelines, balancing the integration of multiple services while preserving the identity of each user group.

Stakeholder engagement played a vital role in informed decision-making and the smooth execution of the project despite challenges such as maintaining clear documentation, ensuring design flexibility, and managing site circulation. Adaptations, like repurposing corporate accommodation space for Police Services, were seamlessly integrated with minimal impact on cost and schedule.

The project’s design was developed in collaboration with stakeholders, addressing individual requirements, identifying common elements, and fostering efficient programming. This approach resulted in a design that upholds the distinct identity of each user group while creating a unified civic facility image.

  • Client: City of Calgary
  • Location: Calgary, AB
  • Services: Prime Consulting, Architecture, Interior Design
  • Sector: Emergency Services
  • Size: 2200 sq m
  • Completion 2016
  • Sustainable Certifications: LEED Gold Certified
  • S2 Team:
  • Linus Murphy
  • Genevieve Giguere