S2 Architecture's transformative studio space.

Our mission was to create a highly customized workspace that pushed the boundaries of conventional design. Embracing the post-pandemic workplace vision, our Calgary studio emerged as a dynamic hub for collaboration, socialization, and community growth.

We curated a diverse range of spaces, offering choices for focused work, collaboration, learning, socializing, and relaxation. The open-office floor plan, carefully designed with acoustics and aesthetic appeal in mind, features workstations grouped in smaller pods and strategically placed private offices. Throughout the studio, we celebrate the craft of our profession through exposed construction details that reveal the intricacies of our work.

Flexibility was a guiding principle throughout the process, evident in spaces like the workshop, a versatile area for material exploration and collaboration, and the living room, which extends the social hub when open. The reception area features a distinct blend of residential and industrial elements, creating an eclectic and engaging environment. The ACM panel fin wall, adorned with graffiti-style artwork, adds a unique touch. The pin-up collaboration area, located between meeting rooms and partner offices, offers an informal space for brainstorming and idea exchange.

In every aspect, S2’s Calgary Studio exemplifies innovative design thinking, where form, function, and craft converge to redefine the workspace of the future.

  • Client: S2 Architecture
  • Project Type: Tenant Improvement
  • Services: Prime Consulting, Interior Design
  • Location: Calgary, AB
  • Size: 1,601 m2
  • Completion: 2022
  • S2 Team:
  • Genevieve Giguere
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