A Complex Project that Requires a Collaborative Process

The Strathcona Public Services Yard in Sherwood Park houses the administration and operational functions of various public works departments like utilities, transportation, agricultural services, and fleet maintenance.

This multifaceted project requires new constructions, major additions, and extensive renovations to occupied spaces, managed through multiple tenders, phases, and contractors. The project involves comprehensive upgrades and replacements of site utilities, infrastructure, and data systems. The focus will be on constructing new structures, reorganizing spaces, realigning program teams, enhancing building envelopes, improving energy efficiency, ensuring occupant comfort, rectifying building code deficiencies, increasing spatial efficiency, and improving overall functionality. An essential criterion for the project is that existing operations must continue uninterrupted during construction. Strathcona County’s existing operations play a critical role in emergency response, incident management, signalling controls, public services, and utilities repair and maintenance.

The S2 team collaborated closely with the owner and stakeholders to devise an efficient strategy to minimize disruptions to ongoing operations. This approach involved phased construction within the existing building and the use of temporary swing spaces and decant strategies on the site, allowing for seamless operations during the entire project’s duration.

Two pivotal design principles were flexibility and expandability, which allowed for future staff growth and additional program needs. The operational flow, including personnel shifts and vehicular traffic within the yard, was a primary consideration. Extensive stakeholder engagement was conducted across all departments, ensuring everyone was included in a collaborative effort. The consulting team made sure that the structural, mechanical, and electrical aspects met the owner’s standards, focusing on projecting a positive “public image” that aligns with the County’s values.

  • Client: Strathcona County
  • Location: Sherwood Park, AB
  • Services: Prime Consulting, Architecture, Interior Design
  • Sector: Public Works
  • Size: New 80,000 sf and renovations 35,000 sf
  • Completion: 2023 (anticipated completion for December)
  • S2 Team:
  • Linus Murphy
  • Nicole Guenette