A design that promotes reverse commute.

S2, in partnership with Truman Developments, is working on a master planning project covering 95 acres in an established community in west Calgary. This endeavour presents a unique opportunity to craft a high-density activity center within the existing urban fabric while addressing the need to revamp the fragmented transportation network and disconnected open spaces.

The main objective of this initiative is to transform the predominantly low-intensity, car-centric commercial and residential landscape into a more cohesive and vibrant environment. The successful execution of this large-scale undertaking hinges on fostering meaningful engagement with multiple stakeholders and aligning phasing strategies to ensure the comprehensive build-out unfolds over a decade. Central to the master plan is the concept of the “High Street,” a mixed-use commercial corridor that will serve as a centrepiece. This corridor will seamlessly connect to green spaces, including a ten-acre park accessible via various pathways, passing through active and passive open areas with innovative stormwater management solutions incorporated.

The development includes various housing types, such as single-family residences, townhouses, mid-rise residential structures, and higher-density multi-family dwellings. These are arranged around a central zone that serves as a lively hub for commercial activities and community gatherings. The fundamental design concept emphasizes a pedestrian-friendly environment, moving away from the conventional ‘vehicular’ focus.

A large business park will be built near the central core area, providing residents with the opportunity to live and work in the same community, making it more convenient and compact. This approach also disperses employment opportunities across the city, promoting the concept of a “reverse commute” in our traditionally auto-oriented urban landscapes.

  • Client: Truman Developments
  • Location: Calgary, AB
  • Services: Master Planning, Prime Consulting, Architecture
  • Sector: Residential
  • Size: ±95 Acres |
  • Residential Units: 3,500
  • Retail Spaces: 46,451.52 ms
  • Commercial Space: 111,483.648 ms
  • Completion: 2022
  • Awards:
  • 2019 Mayor’s Urban Design Award
  • City Edge Development 2019 Alberta Professional Planners Institute
  • Award of Planning Merit
  • S2 Team:
  • David Symons
  • Brian Corkum
  • Ken Shaman
  • Jason Curtis
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