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In the spirit of community, S2 Architecture joined hands with Senior’s Secret Service this year to make a meaningful impact on the lives of seniors in Calgary. The collaborative effort resulted in the adoption of five seniors through the Christmas Cheer program, an initiative that connects over 6500 isolated or lonely seniors with Secret Santas. Our S2 team donated gifts, personal items, and gift cards for the adopted seniors. The gesture reflects our broader mission of creating functional and comfortable spaces for seniors in our architectural projects and actively engaging in initiatives that support and uplift the seniors community.

Senior’s Secret Service, the driving force behind the Christmas Cheer program, has strong connections with seniors’ groups, housing facilities, outreach programs, and healthcare providers. Partner agencies furnish anonymous personal profiles of isolated seniors, detailing their first names, ages, genders, hobbies, needs, and preferences. Once these profiles were received, our team transformed into volunteer Secret Santas and began shopping for personalized gifts tailored to each seniors’ specific preferences and requirements.

S2 Architecture’s collaboration with Senior’s Secret Service transcends professional practice, showing a shared commitment to enhancing the well-being of Calgary’s seniors. By actively participating in initiatives like the Christmas Cheer program, S2 demonstrates that our dedication to community goes beyond blueprints and into the hearts and homes of those we serve. This partnership enriches the lives of seniors while setting an example of corporate responsibility and community engagement for the broader architectural industry.