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The City of Calgary announced the 2019 Mayor’s Urban Design Award (MUDA) winners at a gala celebration held at the Calgary Central Library Oct. 24, 2019. Every two years, The City of Calgary acknowledges the important contributions of designers, architects and artists that help improve the quality of life in Calgary through art and design.

“Recognizing the people behind our vibrant buildings and spaces in our city is important,” said David Down, The City’s Chief Urban Designer. “Well-designed space make people feel welcome, improves safety and accessibility and creates a memorable sense of place.”

Ninety-eight submissions were judged in twelve categories that showcase some of the most innovative buildings and public spaces in Calgary. In addition, all citizens were encouraged to vote for the “People’s Choice” award, online. All 2019 submissions are available for viewing at the Calgary Central Library until October 30, 2019.

S2 is the proud winner of the City Edge Development award for the West District Master Plan, along with our client Truman Homes.

We’re also happy about an Honourable Mention for our Noble townhome project in the Urban Architecture category.

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