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We really enjoyed having Kristen Brodeur intern with our Interior Design team this summer and we wish her all the best in completing her studies. Here, she shares with us what she learned from her summer working at S2.

Since beginning my work term as a Student Interior Designer at S2 Architecture in April, it has been an informative and valuable experience, wherein I assisted with projects that varied in both scope and typology while allowing for insight into the relationships that facilitate the transformation of space into a thoughtfully tailored environment. During the past four months, I garnered a greater understanding of Calgary’s architecture and design industry by assisting with the coordination of interior components for project proposals and cost packages, as well as applying information from programming documents to illustrate project visuals, such as schedules, stacking diagrams, and interior renderings; I additionally researched technical interior details, finishes and fixtures, and specifications, which accounted for a variety of tasks and diversified the teams I had the privilege of working with.

Amongst the many skillsets that were addressed throughout my internship, an experience that resonated with me as a notable learning opportunity was assisting in the development of presentations regarding interior concepts; an important aspect was to clearly yet personably communicate design intentions to clients and project consultants while maintaining regard for allocation of resources and sensitive timelines. It was great to build on those visions and share ideas with such a passionate group of people! Once completing my Bachelor of Interior Design at Mount Royal University this April, I would like to continue working in Calgary and pursue the necessary accreditations to be an LID, inclusive of completing the NCIDQ Exam and registering as an Intern Interior Designer with the AAA. When not at work or navigating through a long list of homework assignments, I may be on a run through one of Calgary’s downtown parks or finding creative inspiration in a podcast (99% Invisible & The Memory Palace are personal favourites), very likely with an americano misto in hand from a nearby Starbucks.

My internship with S2 Architecture has been altogether rewarding and illuminating of the many people and responsibilities within an architecture and design firm that contribute to sound and successful design solutions. I am sincerely appreciative of the time that each member of S2’s talented interiors team contributed to my internship experience‐ with their guidance in mind I will be returning to school in September with an inspired perspective of interior design.

I wish all at S2 Architecture the best this fall and would like to thank you for sharing your design expertise and hospitality with me throughout the summer, it was lovely to get to know such a dynamic and talented team of people!

Sincere Regards,

Kristen Brodeur

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