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Commercial & Office

S2 Architecture

Edmonton, AB


Commercial & Office

Prime Consultant, Architecture, Interior Design, FF&E

Project Description

With a passion to create a space with character and functionality, this office design honors traditional architecture by blending the buildings historic classical revival identity with modern design elements to transform the office space into an inspiring work and collaboration hub for the user.

The design concept was heavily influenced around pre-existing character defining elements. Red brick & concrete construction, wide factory entries, narrow multi-paned windows, ornamental arches and details were celebrated to help reveal the story and evolution of building from factory to modern day office. Mixing in contemporary design elements, through clean simple forms, the addition of warm natural wood features and contrasting black and steel material help meld the two styles and infuse the client’s personality into the space.

Greater opportunities to collaborate through shared space was a driving design requirement. The collaboration hub, connected to the kitchen, provides a welcoming and energized environment for staff to informally meet and can be easily reconfigured to support various sized meetings, client presentations, virtual reality sessions, informal work and enhance the user’s dynamic office culture. The proximity of shared space to open workstations leverages the existing building’s compartmentalized floorplate and creates distance between various work functions while still feeling connected.

Challenges surfaced when construction occurred at the height of the pandemic. Schedule and material delays and general uncertainty in the fast-changing world required the design team to pivot and experience a first-hand approach to creating new design solutions for the present/post-pandemic office environment. Strategic planning was enforced to minimize construction costs, focusing budget on the most impactful spaces and future proofing the office to adapt to changing distancing and health requirements and future unknowns. Re-use and modification of existing systems furniture eased the transition between office spaces and the open floorplate and supporting infrastructure was strategically designed to ease into future adaptation and growth.

The build-out of this space, through minimal and simplistic design, created a unique office space offering a diverse range of opportunity to engage in work at or away from the workstation. Through the implementation of a flexible work environment and the celebration of traditional and modern architecture and interior design, this office design achieves a place to foster creativity, agility, and innovation.