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Public Works

Public Works

Managing logistics, workflow and operations

Energy efficiency, intelligent work flow and design innovations all play a part in S2’s design methodology for this specialized sector. Our range of experience includes warehouse spaces, manufacturing and distribution centres, operation buildings, multi-purpose flex structures and municipal infrastructure facilities.

Effectively managing the logistics for these types of buildings and facilities is crucial to their success. S2 understands the importance of key client issues such as operation procedures, equipment layout, work flow and processes.

Featured Projects

Squamish Public Works, District of Squamish, Squamish, BC
Strathcona County Public Services Yard,
Strathcona County, AB
Sarcee Storage Facility
, City of Calgary, Calgary, AB
Tall Cree Highway Maintenance Facility, Alberta Infrastructure, Tall Cree, AB
Lloydminster Operations Centre, City of Lloydminster, Lloydminster, AB
NE Corporate Services Administration & Storage Facility, City of Calgary, Calgary, AB
Spring Gardens Bus Storage & Maintenance Facility, City of Calgary, Calgary, AB 
Leduc Operations Building, City of Leduc, Leduc, AB
Stampede Operations Building, Calgary Exhibition & Stampede, Calgary, AB

Concept Designs
Landfill Various Projects, City of Calgary, Waste & Recycling