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BC Housing

Kelowna, BC



Prime Consulting, Architecture

225,000 sq ft | 21,000 sq m

Project Description

Located east of Kelowna’s downtown core, Bertram Street is a BC Housing project that will provide 200 affordable rental units to serve the immediate affordable housing needs of Kelowna. The project is specifically family oriented with the majority of units being 2 and 3 bedrooms. Fourteen townhouses have also been incorporated along Bertram Street and the north property line to provide an urban “mews” and to promote CPTED principles.

The project massing features a distinct townhouse and podium / base with the family units being housed in a 17 storey tower above 3 levels of on-grade parkade (due to Kelowna’s high water table) More so, though this project is technically permitted to build to zero lot line of the north and south property lines, S2 recommended a ‘self-imposed’ setback to ensure a visual and physical connection to the neighbourhood beyond and as a means of respecting the current neighbours and their potential development on the site. A daycare has been located on the south west corner of the site as a feature to highlight the age diversity of the project as a whole.