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Master Planning

Master Planning

Designing communities for people

Urban planning and design form an integral part of land use planning. Communities require amenities that improve the quality of life for residents and visitors and that allow people to tell a story about how they live their lives.

Master planning and site design is the result of a comprehensive understanding of the existing physical characteristics of the site whether natural or constructed, and a supportable vision for the future. S2 has extensive experience in the research and analysis of large and complex land bases for residential, commercial, educational, emergency services and recreational project developments.

The key to any successful master plan or urban development is engagement — with user groups, stakeholders, community leaders and city planners. Whether a comprehensive Master Plan, a decades long build-out or a preliminary best-use study, this methodology is the essence of our approach to any design project and ensures we satisfy our clients’ objectives of accessibility, connectivity, functionality, sustainability and economic viability.