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Media Source: Beltline Builds

The arrival of the Stampede’s new casino is the first in a set of attractions that will redefine the area north of the grounds as a year-round entertainment destination.

Stampede Casino, which features a variety of games, restaurants and bars, will be a draw for locals and tourists alike wanting to spend their leisure time in an urban setting.

Based in the Beltline, S2 architecture was responsible for the design of the building, and lead project architect James McLaughlin believes that the casino’s look embodies both the spirit of our traditional western heritage, and the future.

“The exterior is quite traditional, but you will find as you move further in, the feeling becomes quite noticeably contemporary” McLaughlin said. “There are strong theatrical aspects meant to blend in with the exhibition aesthetic of the rest of the Stampede grounds”.
The casino features two connections to the new Roundup Centre with a ground-level exterior connection and a plus 15 connection, underground parking and a footprint that totals 6,854 square meters.

Outside the casino there will be some pedestrian amenities, including a lush tree-lined boulevard leading to the entrance. Two public art pieces will also be displayed outside. These will be unique for the Stampede, straying from the traditional bronze statues commonly seen on the grounds, but will still pay homage to the tradition of the Calgary Stampede.

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