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Mia Santos was a wonderful addition to our S2 Interior Design team this summer and we wish her all the best in completing her studies. Here, she shares with us what she enjoyed about being a summer student at S2.

As the summer comes to an end, I’m pleased to express my sincere gratitude for how wonderful the past 6 months of my internship has been with S2 Architecture. As an aspiring designer, with dreams of attaining certification in both Interior Design and Architecture, S2 was the perfect firm to begin my journey with. Educating myself on countless design firms across the country, I was consistently drawn to S2 Architecture for its reputable design experience and impressive portfolio; I knew this was the firm that would be the Dumbledore to my Harry. For me, what distinguishes a mediocre environment from an outstanding one must begin with the people that encompass it. My time with S2 can truly attest to that statement, as I feel so privileged to have worked with great talent. What I’ve loved about my work term was facing new challenges and opportunity to learn valuable skills that I’ll be sure to apply during my final year of studies and further into my career.

My love for design is attributed to many of my adventures travelling the world; experiencing new cultures; and feasting on delicious cuisines. I’ve become a strong advocate for stepping outside of my comfort zone; exploring new horizons; and unpacking unique inspirations to help transcend me as a designer. Exposure to new environments has ultimately led me to discovering my voice as a designer; identifying my individuality; and generating a newfound sense of purpose. My ambition to acquire designations in both Interior Design and Architecture brings me one step closer to joining a global list of successful designers with the intent to make a difference in the world.

This Fall I anticipate my return to Mount Royal University to complete my final year of studies in the Bachelor of Interior Design program. In addition, I’m actively preparing my application for submission to the University of Calgary, as a suitable candidate for their Masters of Architecture program. The past three years has been a whirlwind experience filled with a rollercoaster of amazing memories and I’m so grateful to add my time with S2 Architecture to my collection. I’d like to thank each and every one of you at S2 for graciously welcoming me to the team; sharing your expertise; and most importantly making me feel hilarious by laughing at my jokes. With thanks to you all, I’m returning to school with a refined sense of confidence; a progressive skillset; and an incredible list of new friendships. As I prepare for a new chapter, I leave with a lasting impression that I’ll forever be grateful for. Thank you S2 Architecture and I hope to see you all again soon!

Kindest Regards,
Mia Santos

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