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We take immense pride in recognizing and celebrating the exceptional contributions of our team members. The Founding Partners Award is a testament to our commitment to acknowledging individuals who exemplify our core values and go above and beyond in their roles. It is with great pleasure that we announce Tina Rae McKen as the recipient of the Founding Partners Award for the year 2024.

Tina Rae has been an indispensable asset to our firm, particularly this year, where she has showcased remarkable leadership and resilience. Stepping into challenging projects following the departure of key team members, Tina Rae demonstrated her technical prowess and the ability to mentor and support her colleagues. Her calm demeanour under pressure and unwavering positivity have been instrumental in driving our projects forward and maintaining a cohesive team environment.

One of Tina Rae’s most notable attributes is her dedication to promoting inclusivity and camaraderie within our organization. She warmly welcomes new team members, ensuring they feel valued and integrated from day one. Her commitment to upholding our company’s values is evident in every interaction, making her a true ambassador for our culture.

Tina Rae has shown a keen interest in sustainability and its potential impact on our projects. The Founding Partners Award recognizes Tina Rae’s exceptional contributions and will catalyze her continued growth. The grant accompanying the award will support her endeavours in furthering her knowledge and expertise, empowering her to make an even greater impact within our organization and beyond.

As we congratulate Tina Rae McKen on this well-deserved achievement, we also extend our gratitude to everyone who participated in the nomination process. Your input helps us ensure that individuals like Tina Rae receive the recognition they deserve.

Warmest congratulations, Tina Rae, on this remarkable accomplishment!