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DGBK Architects on behalf of the City of Richmond and Richmond Fire Services

Richmond, BC



Emergency Services

Functional Analysis and Peer Review

25,995 sq. ft. | 2,415 sq. m.

Project Description

The Richmond Cambie Fire Hall and Ambulance Station Project replaces an existing outdated Fire Hall No. 3. Partnering with BC Ambulance Services, this new landmark facility will be the first combined Fire Hall & Ambulance Station in BC. It will also replace the EVT Division for Richmond Fire & Rescue vehicle repairs and Fire–Rescue Training Centre currently located at Fire Hall No. 1. The new facility will be used as a Department Operations Centre (DOC) when required.

The facility consists of two bays for up to six ambulance vehicles, two suppression bays for RFR vehicles and two EVT bays for vehicle repairs. The facility incorporates numerous support spaces including sleeping dorms, a training classroom, administrative spaces, exercise room, kitchens and outdoor patios.

The facility is built to a ‘Post Disaster’ level in compliance with BCBC 2012, to ensure the building remains operational following a seismic event. This includes a post–disaster rating for the building structure and concrete apron to Cambie Road for vehicle access and an onsite emergency generator.

Award Winner

Cambie Fire Hall No. 3 and Ambulance Station received a notable mention in the Mixed-Use Facilities category in the 2019 annual Firehouse Magazine Station Awards.