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Calgary, Alberta


Design Concept



100,000 sq ft 9,290 sq m

Project Description

This commercial office building has been developed for a commercial campus setting. The intent is to adapt this concept over multiple buildings to meet the needs of various commercial or institutional tenants. The core concept design is to be repeated in anywhere from four to eight buildings within the master plan. An efficient ± 25,000 sq ft floor plan has been developed with a central elevator and stair core connected to underground parking. Each floor could either be divided into multiple tenancies or kept as a single tenant. At-grade amenity space is provided which integrates the lobby of the building with retail and outdoor patio space. Each upper tenant floors benefit from outdoor amenity spaces as well. The design of the building supports a minimal and contemporary aesthetic with durable building materials integrated into a high performance building envelope system. The primary building façade and entrance is to be oriented to the south. Exterior glazing has been design with a shading system to control solar heat gain as well as glare in the summer months. The facades at the ground level would be transparent; creating an active building face that integrates with the outdoor amenity spaces and is oriented to the pedestrian. The integration of unique paving, pedestrian level illumination, seating and bicycle parking would also support the rich character of the site.