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Truman Developments

Calgary, AB




Architecture, Interior Design

2,800 sq ft | 260 sq m

Project Description

EngageHub was the centrepiece of a developer-led engagement process that formulated an approach that positioned the public as a key player in the iterative design of planning concepts. This unique approach sought
to connect with the affected stakeholders early and often, nurture long-lasting and meaningful conversations and to organically loop stakeholder suggestions into the broader planning process.

EngageHub was one of the most extensive and forward-thinking investments in public participation in Calgary’s history. It was designed and constructed with the above-mentioned principles of participation in mind. The interior was characterized by a large open space with several meeting tables, wide information panels and an interactive projection screen that asked participants to provide feedback on various design elements as well as learn more about the participation process to date. An evolving, large physical massing model that expressed scale, height and land use relationships was a central conversation piece that tied the design story together. The building also hosted an exterior 24-hour interactive touch screen that mirrored the information found on the interior panels and encouraged attendees to leave their comments and contact information via voice recording.

The body of engagement resulting from the EngageHub project formed the foundation of the West District Master Plan submission and City of Calgary planning application review process.