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City of Lloydminster

Lloydminster, Alberta/Saskatchewan


Concept Design

Hospitality, Educational, Institutional

Prime Consultant, Architecture, Interior Design, Master Planning

30,000 sq ft    2,000 sq m



Project Description

The City of Lloydminster engaged S2 Architecture and Keith Williams Architects to review and develop a design for the redevelopment of the Lloydminster Cultural & Science Centre (LCSC). The new 80,000 sq ft flagship cultural facility will be a key and appropriate addition to Lloydminster’s civic architecture, and an important new cultural destination for a city that is growing and ambitious for its future. The design, rooted in and representative of Lloydminster and both Alberta and Saskatchewan, offers high quality and flexible exhibition spaces that are appropriate and adaptable to the collections to be displayed. The building masses are grouped around the various needs and environmental controls specific to each function of the Centre. Courtyards provide a strong connection between interior and exterior environments to offer year-round enjoyment for visitors. The incorporation of a green parking lot strategy is a response to existing conditions that celebrates responsible water management practices and enhances the relationship between the building and its context. The new LCSC will be a building that is visionary and of exceptional design and architecture, but primarily, a building that is robust, economic, flexible and practical.