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City of Nanaimo

Nanaimo, BC


2022 (projected)

Emergency Services

Prime Consulting, Architecture, Interior Design

23,000 sq. ft. | 2,140 sq. m.

Project Description

We were engaged by the City of Nanaimo to replace the existing Fire Station No. 1 on the same site on Fitzwilliam Street. The new building will house Fire Rescue Operations, Emergency Dispatch Centre, Emergency Coordination Centre and Fire Rescue Command/Business Centre. The new building will meet post-disaster requirements and best practices for sustainability.

A contemporary civic building and a flagship Fire Station for the city, the building was inspired by the harbour city’s coal mining history and radial downtown plan. The vision of a white form that appears to be floating over a black base references floating water houses and boats on the city harbour and is an abstracted representation of the coal mines; an important piece of the city’s history as one of its founding industries. The white two-storey form that floats above the historically referenced base addresses the city’s relationship with water. The angled ‘fins’ that project from the building face reflect both the angular nature of the city’s original downtown plan, which is still primarily undisturbed today, as well as the rhythmic nature of the pattern of waves as they advance toward land’s edge. The edges of the building are brought down to the site and continue across Fitzwilliam Street to create a sense of procession as pedestrians walk along the site heading towards or away from the downtown core.