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RJK Developments

Calgary, Alberta




Prime Consultant, Architecture, Interior Design

20,000 sq ft  2,010 sq m

Project Description

The Palfreyville Condominium development is a new 4-storey, 19 units residential building on a corner site of 2nd Avenue and 9th Street NW.  The development site initially included two single family homes and a 3-storey historic multi family building, which was damaged by a fire in January 2013. The development reflects the contextual, street-oriented, pedestrian friendly development of the Sunnyside neighborhood.  The corner location provided a great opportunity for an architectural ‘hinge’ to turn the corner of 2nd Ave and 9th St NW.

Careful placement of the balconies helped in providing an architectural expression, nuance and a sense of visual activity - reinforcing passive surveillance. Individual units address all three principle facades of the building with windows and balconies, thus providing passive surveillance through eyes-on-the- street, ensuring a safer environment for condo owners and surrounding residents alike.  The landscape architecture includes streetscape along 2nd Avenue NW and along 9th Street NW, with a heritage feature combined with the bus-stop seating on 2nd Avenue NW, describing the significance of Palfreyville Apartments that previously inhabited the site.

The main floor comprises of street oriented units with clear and independent addresses that are accessible directly from the parking level and from the street.  The developer has named the condo building ‘Palfreyville’ as part of the Heritage dedication.