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The City of Calgary Recreation

Calgary, Alberta



Sport + Recreation

Prime Consultant, Master Planning

Project Description

The Recreation Facility Development and Enhancement Study is a comprehensive study of over 50 City of Calgary recreation facilities, including aquatic & fitness centres, arenas, athletic parks, golf courses, leisure centres, outdoor pools, two art centres and a sailing school. The scope of work for the project is to complete a current state analysis of the City-operated recreation facilities and to produce an analysis of the current and future service provision needs of the community from a city-wide and regional perspective.  A long-term capital planning strategy for recreation facility development and enhancement is part of the scope to guide and direct future capital investment decisions for both existing and future City-owned and operated recreation facilities over the next twelve (12) years. This will ensure that City of Calgary recreation facilities continue to deliver appropriate products and services, remain responsive to the current and forecasted demographic changes and recreation trends, and operate in a responsible and cost effective manner. The consultant team comprises of S2, as prime consultant, with SportsPLAN Studio, sports & recreation planning and design consultant, and Zink tank, a Calgary-based market research agency.