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City of Red Deer

Red Deer, Alberta



Sport & Recreation

Prime Consultant, Architecture, Interior Design

30,580 sq ft   2,841 sq m

Project Description

Comprehensively designed Multi-Use recreational facility including: Aquatics suite with pool basins(25m indoor pool, 50m outdoor pool, hot tub), Group fitness space, Fitness and conditioning rooms, Municipal head office for Recreation. This project involves the re-creation of the City of Red Deer Recreation Center to meet current user expectations and demands. Completely re-organized the facility includes new programme and activity spaces updating the service delivery to patrons. Current and future user group as well as accessibility requirements have been addressed in all the programme spaces with particular emphasis in the change room areas. The image and public face of the facility has been completely re-imagined to create a dynamic new image for the facility reflecting modern community expectations for a vibrant recreational facility. The interaction of high traffic times (all city registration is conducted through this facility) with the ongoing daily functioning of the facility was key to the overall planning and ultimate ease of ongoing operations.