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City of Spruce Grove

Spruce Grove, AB


Emergency Services

Prime Consultant, Architecture, Interior Design

71,171 sq ft | 6,612 sq m

Project Description

We were engaged by the City of Spruce Grove to design a new integrated Protective Services Facility. The City’s Fire, EMS and Enforcement facilities are currently housed in separate, disconnected spaces in one building. The new facility aims to provide a truly integrated space for these services. The facility is designed to have the majority of spaces shared by the three departments to encourage interaction and camaraderie among staff and create efficiencies for building costs and maintenance.

This level of integration is very rare, providing a unique opportunity for the City of Spruce Grove to be at the forefront of Protective Services Station design. Key shared program areas include a kitchen, fitness space, training areas and simulations, meeting rooms, administrative spaces, washrooms, change rooms and parking.