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Truman Developments

Calgary, Alberta


In Progress

Residential, Commercial

Master Planning

+/- 95 acres (Residential Units: 3,500/ Retai Space: 500,000 sq ft/ Commerial Space: 1.2M sq ft)

Project Description

S2 is working with Truman Developments on a master plan project comprised of 95 acres within an established community in west Calgary. This unique opportunity will develop a high density activity centre within an existing urban fabric and transform the present disjointed transportation network and patchwork of disconnected open spaces.  In an effort to improve the predominately low-intensity, auto-oriented commercial and residential fabric, this large scale planning exercise will require multi-stakeholder engagement and strategically aligned phasing strategies to realize the full build out over the course of a ten year period.  Along with the reorganization of the transportation network, the focus of the master plan is the “High Street” or mixed use commercial corridor which will be connected to green spaces including a ten acre park through various pathways, active and passive open spaces and will also incorporate innovative storm water management. This project will include single family, townhouses, mid-rise residential and higher density multi-family surrounding a central mixed-use commercial zone that will serve as the heart of both the local community and surrounding neighborhoods. The intent of the design will reflect a ‘pedestrian’ environment as opposed to the standard ‘vehicular’ environment. Adjacent to the central core area, will be a large scale business park creating a genuine opportunity to both work and live in a compact community and to diffuse employment nodes across the City which will promote the so-often sought after “reverse commute” in our auto-oriented cities.