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City of Edmonton

Edmonton, AB


Emergency Services

Prime Consultant (Design Architect: gh3*)

15,300 sq ft | 1,400 sq m

Project Description

The Windermere Fire station will serve the new community of Windermere in Southwest Edmonton. Surrounded by the North Saskatchewan River, Anthony Henday Drive and the Whitemud Creek Ravine, the new fire station exemplifies thoughtful integration of the natural and built environment.

Facilitating rapid response time through optimal truck and equipment movement is the single most important goal of fire station design; this is achieved by planning the optimal movement of fire trucks and equipment out and around the building. Thus, the design team situated the fire station to ensure ideal truck mobility. Once that was established, the team used the building orientation as inspiration to tie the shape of the building to its capacity to generate solar energy and reduce heat gain.

The west, south and east sides of the building utilize solar panels in a very intentional and aesthetically pleasing array that are at the perfect angle to capture the sun’s rays. The west and east sides maximize glazing, while the north (and non-sunny) side faces an existing building. The building produces as much energy as it consumes - optimizing south-facing sloped surfaces means the roof can perform as an energy generator and thus achieves Net Zero.

Windermere Fire Station sets a new standard for environmental sustainability in the sector. A thoughtful and thorough design process resulted in a leading-edge design that took a long-term view of calculating solar photovoltaic loads. Incredibly, in 35 years the building will still generate as much energy as it consumes!

Award Winner

Windermere Fire Station No.31 was awarded the 2018 Canadian Architect Award of Excellence.